A New Retrospective Concerning Water Consumption


The closure of the Püssi fibreboard factory enabled us to switch the Püssi factory construction sector orders to our Pärnu factory, and we started a 4th shift in Pärnu in April 2020 as a result thereof. The Pärnu factory is now running all the time, find out here now except for a one-shift maintenance stop every month. This has led to increased machine utilisation, and gross margin for Nordic Fibreboard Ltd OÜ has therefore increased substantially, being 29% in Q3 2020 (from being 18% in Q3 2019). Fibreboard sales in Q3 2020 were € 2.48 million, which are 19% lower than in the same period last year (2019: € 3.06 million). We sold our products to customers in 19 countries during Q3 2020. The main reason for the drop in sales was the loss of display board customers, boards for this sector was produced in the Püssi factory, which we closed in March 2020. However, sales to our customers within the construction sector in our main northern European markets have been stable. Finland, our largest market accounted for 27% of total fibreboard sales this year (up from being 26% of total sales in 9M in 2019).In the Q3 2020 compared to the Q3 2019, we recorded sales growth in the next large markets for us, these being Denmark and Estonia, while we recorded sales decline in markets further afield mainly due to the negative effect in many such markets caused by the corona virus. By adding a 4th shift in our Pärnu production, and thus achieving full machine utilisation, has led to a strong increase in Fibreboard’s gross margin from being 18% in Q3 2019 to now reaching 29% in Q3 2020. Overhead costs for Q3 2020 was down 16% compared to Q3 2019, and EBITDA for Q3 2020 was thus positive € 370 thousand (15% of sales in Q3 2020), compared to Q3 2019 EBITDA positive € 152 thousand. FIBREBOARD SALES BY GEOGRAPHICAL SEGMENTS * Latvian and Lithuanian stores were closed on 30.09.2019 PÄRNU RIVERSIDE DEVELOPMENT: real estate management Rental income, including the resale of utilities, was € 36 thousand in Q3 2020 (2019 Q3 € 32 thousand).


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